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Transgender People are Completely Banned From Boarding Airplanes in Canada



This actually exists. In 2014. I have a Canadian partner, I am mid transition…I knew I had to be careful but holy shit. This actually terrifies me. How does this make any sense? Why do gender markers even exist on photo ID’s?

Jesus shitting fuck, it’s a good thing I’m not trying to fly into Toronto.

Seriously Canada, we need to get angry about this. This. Is. Horse. Shit.


Two years ago, I was performing at The Punchline in San Francisco, and Robin came to the show with our mutual friend, Dan Spencer.

This particular batch of material was the first time I had touched upon my then still-fresh divorce wounds, and big chunks of it were pretty dark. The next day, I got a text from a number I didn’t recognize. Whoever it was had obviously been to the show and knew my number, so I figured they would reveal themselves at some point and save me the embarrassment of asking who they were.

The Mystery Texter asked how I was REALLY doing. “You can’t fool me. Some of those ‘jokes’ aren’t ‘jokes.” By now I knew that whoever this was had been through what I was enduring, as no one else would know to ask, “What time of day is the hardest?”

He wanted to know how my kids were handling it, all the while assuring me that the storm, as bleak as it was, would one day pass and that I was not, as I was then convinced, a terrible father for visiting a broken home upon my children.

I am not rewriting this story in retrospect to make it dramatic. I did not know who I was texting with. Finally, my phone blipped, and I saw, in a little green square, “Okay, pal. You got my number. Call me. I’ve been there. You’re going to be okay. - Robin.”

That is what you call a human being.

With all the beautiful stories I keep hearing about Robin Williams reaching out to people in a time of need, or how he had the kindest words for people feeling low, I wonder just how much pain he was in.
I could never say I’ve felt that down, like there was absolutely no out but the end. I can say I’ve felt dark days and I KNOW how important it is to have support on those days.
If anyone EVER needs to chat, let me know, I may be a stranger, but sometimes all it can take someone giving you and your feelings the time of day. If I can be that for someone else, I will do it without question.

We need to support each other internet, not tear each other apart.

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