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the gentlemen you meet on tinder

I fervently hope that guy gets hit by a bus, and nobody helps him because they’re all sixes and beneath him.

This fucking guy.

Seriously, I know this happens on all sides of gender, but the amount of flack I’ve seen from guys because I’m not interested GREATLY outweighs what I’ve seen from women.

I’ve been told “leave the site” on dating sites that are designed for straight and gay/bi-sexual/poly-amorous relationships because I’m looking for women specifically over men. I’ve received incessant messages when I’ve told guys I’m not interested.

"C’mon, you’ll like me I swear"

"My profile doesn’t come across right"

"I know you’re not looking for guys but…"

The last makes me face palm the most. You’re right, I’m NOT looking for guys, and no YOUR dick isn’t going to make me change my mind because I don’t want it in the first place (These days because I already have a guy who happens to also have an awesome dick at home who ALSO respects my interest in women).

Women get SO much shit for coming off as desperate, and then we get messages like this when we are genuinely not interested.

Bottom line guys, if a women is weary of you while you’re trying to get her to open up, be it online or in real life, understand that she’s dealt with THIS fucking guy more than she should have to.

Trust me, respecting that fact, and her, will get you WAY further anything else.





I honestly can’t believe this right now. I was complaining to my bf about some Kotex tampons I had used, going on a bit of a rant about how bad they were, and on a whim I decided to go to the website and leave a review so other people who might get them would know better.
I’ve never written a tampon review in my life (it’s not something I ever anticipated doing) so I had a little fun getting very passionate about my thoughts, and then went to submit…. Only to receive the words: ‘Your review text contains inappropriate language.’ I was confused at first, I mean I was pretty emphatic, but I didn’t cuss at all… and then I realized: I had typed the word ‘vagina.’ 

You can’t type the word ‘vagina’ on a TAMPON review because it’s considered inappropriate.

KOTEX, a company that makes OVER A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR primarily selling products to people with vaginas, thinks that someone typing the word “VAGINA” in a review of a product that goes IN THEIR VAGINA is being inappropriate and needs to be censored.

I retyped “v*gina” with an asterisk like it was a swear word, submitted and it went to preview mode with no problem. But I’m still kind of in shock… Honestly, what is wrong with Kotex that they think they need to protect tampon users from the word ‘vagina’?

If you didn’t think our society’s fear of the vagina was absurd, here you go. It’s cartoonish.

Vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina….VAGINA! I am going to keep saying this word until people finally get used to. Also I wonder if they would prefer it if we called it pussy? Like is that less inappropriate?

AAAAND I’m no longer buying Kotex.

You actually have the body parts necessary to use our product? Ewwwww gross!



What’s Wrong With “Taking The Red Pill”?

“Take The Red Pill, And I’ll Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes.”


One of the key tenets of the Red Pill philosophy is that women are instinctively hypergamous– that they onlydatemen of “superior” status and are quite literally incapable of loving men unconditionally – and thus men must be as “alpha” as possible at all times. Of course, because women are also incapable of logic and reason and only respond to emotions, it’s only fair for men to play upon their psyches in order to get their way. One of the most popular ways of doing this is known as “dread” game – deliberately making your girlfriend fear your dumping her or breaking up with her. Various ways of inducing “dread” include:

  • Not answering her calls for a week
  • Hitting on her friends (in a plausibly deniable way)
  • Flirt with other women in front of her
  • Running extremelyhot and cold – being incredibly romantic one day and incredibly distant for three days after

If this sounds suspiciously like “emotional abuse”… well,that’s because it is.

(Read More)

I can not believe that there are men who think this “Red Pill” thing is a good idea.










‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

what if i cut off your left leg

would that make you stronger

would it


Finally the Monty Python fandom awakens

We were never asleep, we’ve just been out trying to find the right shubbery.


Nobody was expecting us


Oh, god, Monty Python spam…


finally a fandom hijack I can get behind

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